How to Use Your Come With Me Kitty™ Cat Harness and Bungee Leash


Welcome to your new Come With Me Kitty™ Cat Harness and Bungee Leash

Keep in Mind:

Acclimation time will vary for each cat.

Avoid leaving harness on when not in use.

Have treats available during the fitting and training process.

Understanding Your Harness


Girth Strap
Two snap buckles adjust to fit cat’s midsection.

Chest Loop
Rest over cats shoulder and chest.

Chest Slide
Adjusts the length between stomach and shoulder area.

Rubber Stopper
Adjusts snugness of chest loop.

Leash Attachment
O-ring used to connect a leash.

Bungee Leash
Provides “give” at the end of the leash.

Fit Your Harness

Proper Fit


Measure the girth of your cat behind the front legs and around the rib cage.


Choose the appropriate size harness based on girth measurements.

Offer treats and praise to your cat during and after measurements.

Adjust Girth Strap


With the collar unbuckled, place the neck loop over your cat’s head.


Adjust the girth straps for a snug fit, then buckle.


⁠Check that the O-ring rests directly on the ribcage.


Unbuckle the straps if further adjustments are needed.

Adjust Chest Slide and Rubber Stopper


With the harness buckled, move the chest slide to sit on your cat’s breastbone.

Note: The chest slide should not put pressure on your cat’s throat.


Position the rubber stopper to keep the shoulder straps in place.

Important: This harness should not be worn while not in use.


Note: The acclimation process can take up to a few days.

Begin acclimating your cat indoors with short walks around your home.

Offer praise and treats when your cat walks calmly besides you.

Never yank or jerk on the leash.

Allow your cat to explore at her own pace.

Prior to going outside, check your surroundings to make sure there are no free-ranging cats or dogs in the area. Beware of hot sidewalks or driveways, broken glass, unidentified debris, etc.

Watch for signs of irritation such of flicking the tail, hunched back, and general signs of discomfort. Allow your cat breaks if these signs are shown.

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